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Evan Skolnick on Breaking into Games and Attending GDC

Episode Summary

Evan Skolnick joins Justin to discuss writing for video games, breaking in, and attending the GDC.

Episode Notes

With over twenty-five years of story and game development experience at world-class entertainment companies such as Marvel, Activision, and Lucasfilm, EVAN SKOLNICK brings a unique perspective to narrative experiences in games. An international speaker and educator, he has conducted workshops on storytelling techniques for well over a thousand game development professionals. Skolnick’s work includes projects such as Star Wars 1313, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, The Godfather: Five Families, Over the Hedge, Spider-Man 3, Spy Muppets, and many others. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and two sons. Visit

Check out his book, VIDEO GAME STORYTELLING.