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From Theater to Video Game Writing with David Varela

Episode Summary

David Varela joins us to discuss his career with video games such as Zombie Run, and how he made it.

Episode Notes

David Varela joins us to discuss his career with video games such as Zombie Run, and how he made it.


I’m a writer, living and working in the UK. I’m also quite a practical bloke, which makes me useful as a producer of games and multimedia drama too.

Being rather busy most of the time, I won’t be blogging on this site, but I will be keeping it up to date with what I’ve been doing. If you want regular updates, you can sign up for my newsletter. The trouble is, I’m normally not allowed to talk about the really interesting stuff until it’s over. This is how I create my air of mystery. Here’s a summary of the story so far.

In 2009, I produced a project called Xi. It’s still one of the largest Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) ever made.

For most of 2010, I was writing and producing Lewis Hamilton: Secret Life at nDreams. Now that was epic.

2011 was mostly the Pepperhood and a lot of teaching, talking and running workshops around the world.

2012 saw the surprising success of Zombies, Run!, the theatrical extravaganza that was The Seed, and 100 Hours of Solitude in Ted Hughes’ old house.

2013 was all about Samurai Siege, the Live Writing Series, and the start of an unexpected new cocktail business called Shaken.

2014 got off to an astonishing start with the release of Sherlock: The Network, which led to a whole load of travelling and award nominations.

2015 saw me writing The Trace (one of the Best Android Games of the Year, apparently) and giving a series of talks at conferences and workshops.

2016 brought the end of Shaken, a small press frenzy around Framed, writing for VR, some prototyping for Lost My Name, and more talks around the world.

And 2017 has turned into a wonderful mix of education, narrative design, more prototyping, VR… and it’s not over yet.